Scott Plant – Orange / I Can Perform 10″, out now!

Scott Plant – Orange / I Can Perform Limited edition 10″ lathe cut record with custom printed jacket.

(Ordinary Weirdos release number two.)

Scott Plant’s debut for Ordinary Weirdos follows a succession of previous releases as a member of such esteemed hardcore punk institutions as Civic Progress, Broken Prayer and, most recently, Chicago’s Droids Blood. This time Scott unleashes two tracks of inspired dance floor stream-of-conscience chaos. Both sides were mastered by noted electronic engineering mastermind and drummer Tom Withers p.k.a. Klute a.k.a. Tommy Stupid. All this and super cool instrumental b-sides! What more could you ask for?

Available starting Monday August 24th on endless edition digital or in finite edition physical form 10″ black vinyl lathe cut record with hand decorated jackets (limited edition of 22 – so don’t wait!).

Coming up next Sep / Oct: Jeff Johnson’s ‘Id Projection’ b/w ‘Lunar Waves’ 7″ lathe cut (another masterpiece) followed by Chris Gilbert’s ‘I thought this was going to be the best year of my life…boy was I wrong’ debut album on cassette! oh boy.